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The Official Torch-Night Enchanted Store.

Welcome to the official Torch-Night Enchanted Network Store. Torch-Night strives to ensure constant fun and entertainment to all players on the server! 

Here, you can purchase a variety of packages, from ranks, perks, and special items. All packages the store has to offer are extras to the server, that can enhance and enrich the overall gameplay.

Donating to the webstore by purchasing a rank helps grow the server, being able to upgrade the server, and ultimately helps the server stay alive. Your support is greatly appreciated.

All purchases are proccessed within 10 minutes, and take place on the server immediately after. If the purchase has not been processed, and did not take place on the website within one hour, we politely ask to contact our business email, mctorchnight@gmail.com.

Please do not open a dispute or chargeback through PayPal or your financial institute. Any disputes or chargebacks will result in an account ban from our server, along with a record of a chargeback or disputes. Records indicating a chargeback or dispute are sent to a majority of other Minecraft Servers, which may prohibit any transactions between you and the server.

Credit card theft and bank account information is an existential, yet wide and global issue ongoing in the world today. To solve the problem, TorchNight uses PayPal, a safe and secure online service handling virtual transactions. A PayPal account is not required to purchase from our store. To purchase from our store without a PayPal Account, select "Pay as a guest" at checkout.

For more information regarding PayPal, please visit: https://www.paypal.com/ai/webapps/mpp/about

Thank you, and have a nice day!